Helpful Helpers

Thank you to all the people who made this production possable. For a full list of people, we direct you to the Set, the Stage, the Cast, and About the Production

Here are some websites that helped with the production:

Costume Photos and Character Photos (yes, even though this has an underscore in it, it will work!!)

Web Forms


Note: Although the websites above also helped with make-up, this particular website was especally useful: provided many cast members with make-up diagrams.
Roger Riggle of Faces by R&R ( demonstrated how to correctly apply make-up.

Costume Providers

Costume World (costumes)
Air Assualt Airbrushing (kids costumes)
Toby's Dinner Theater of Columbia (costumes)
Lynne (smocks for beetles and mice)
Barbara (emergency repairs :-) )
If your website is listed here and you'ed rather it not be, or if you have any commnets about this list, please contact us!

Download a more compleate version of this list in PDF form.